Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Featured Stamper #110

Wow, I am so glad you enjoyed my colors this week! There were so many lovely submissions! I did the Random thing and #22, Lisa J, was chosen:

Isn't this a lovely creation? Lisa, contact me so I can give you your Featured Stamper Blinkie! And here are a few more that tickled my fancy, in no particular order:

#27--Piali, and just cuz it's so cute,

Thanks everyone! Be sure to come back tomorrow for the next throwdown from Broni!!!


Pattie said...

Thanks for giving me a shout out! I'm glad my card tickled your fancy!

Debby said...

Yey thanks LeAnne for picking my card this week. The colours were so delicious to play with. Looking forward to this weeks set.

Holly said...

Yay!!! Lisa.. Oh this will put a smile on her face that she could really use right now!!!

Piali said...

Thanks LeAnne!! I'm happy that you found my card very cute!

Lisa said...

Wow, how cool! Holly is right, I need something to make me smile right now and this sure does it! Thank you!